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 Guide to Weapons

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PostSubject: Guide to Weapons   Sun Dec 23, 2012 4:33 am

This is a guide to choosing, obtaining/making and using weapons in the RP. :3

In the main RP of the site, your characters may have a weapon, wether for self defense or because it is useful for his or her job.

How do I choose a weapon?
When choosing a weapon, think of the age, size, and budget of your character. Is your character a large, rich man? Then he would have a sword. Is your character a she-kit stuck in poverty? If so, she would must likely have a lite, small knife. Also think of how your character would obtain the weapon.

How do I get a weapon?
When getting a weapon, again, think of your character's budget, and how they would get it. If they are rich, they most likely have a sword. If your character is a thief, they could have also stolen it. If they did steal it though, please keep in mind that it was probably a very risky event, (so a kit probably wouldn't have a sword), and he/she probably has a few scars. Some thieves also might have a bow and arrows instead of a sword. Most poor characters only have a knife or spear.

I can craft a weapon?
Yes, you can craft a weapon. Please remember that if you do craft one, there is a more likely chance that it will break.

Using weapons?
When using your weapons, you can use them for whatever you want. Please keep in mind that you must follow the site and RP rules. Feel free to make up your own techniques when using your weapons.

What kinds of weapons?
Your characters may have a wide variety of weapons. Because of the technological state they are in though, they do not have guns, lasers or anything of that sort.

Your character may have, but is not limited to:
Bow and arrows
Crossbow and arrows(must have and be skilled at using a reg. bow and arrows first)

If you have a question about any other weapons that you want to use, feel free to ask!
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Guide to Weapons
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