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 Eve, the Bandit

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PostSubject: Eve, the Bandit    Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:13 pm

Name- Tsuki (Nobody knows her real name, as she dropped it when she left home. She tells everybody her name is Eve.)
Age- 20 moons
Gender- She-cat
Rank- Bandit (Leader of the Shadow Crooks)
Live- Tuuli

Pelt- Black with silver tabby stripes.
Eyes- Emerald green.
Clothing- She wears a pair of sleek, black boots, black shorts with a dark purple and black belt, a black and dark purple half-shirt with a hood, and black gloves.
Weapons- She has a bow and arrows. She's been shooting since she was 9 moons, when she stole her old neighbhor's bow before she left home. She eventually bought a better one once she stole enough money.
Pet- A black dragon with crystal blue eyes named Rai. He looks like this, but black;
Scars- She has a few scratches on her hands from escaping a few traps back in the day, but otherwise, nothing major.
Hieght- 2" 5'

Attributes- She hates anything to do with the capital with a deep passion. She doesn't love anybody or anything, really. She doesn't necessarily care for her comrads, either, but she knows she must help them and keep them safe to get what they want.
Likes- Stealing
Dislikes- The Capital and the Pharaoh
Strengths- Martial arts, archery, running away, quick thinking

Crush- None, and she isn't looking.
Spouse- None
Kits- None
Family- She left them a long time ago.
History- Tsuki left her family when she was about 9 moons to live on her own. Her mother and father were poor and wasted their money on nothing but alcohol. Her family was never a true family... So she got up and left, deciding to become a theif to gain the money she needed. In fact, she enjoys living this new life very much. (Her family's home is in Vaahtera, but she moved to Tuuli.
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Eve, the Bandit
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