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PostSubject: Felix   Felix EmptySun Dec 23, 2012 11:08 pm

Name- Felix
Age- 19 moons
Gender- Tom
Rank- Poor, ex Military Trainee.
Lives- Originally from Vaahera but spends a lot of time in the Capitol City and mostly in the Desert outskirts where his current 'real' home is.

Pelt- Creamy light orange; got it from his Mom! Short haired except for the big fluff of fur on top of his head. Slightly bigger ears.
Eyes- Left eye is a sky blue. Right eye is a sea green.
Clothing- Usually wears his tethered faded blue military jacket and dark brown pants. His arms, legs, head, and neck are wrapped with stained white gauze to prevent sand getting all in his fur. Dark brown gloves. Wears an old red scarf around the gauze on his neck (and removes the gauze around his head) when going to the capitol.
Weapons- A medium sized double sided axe that isnt too heavy since he isn't the most muscular cat around. He's had it since he was a little kit helping his dad chopping down trees. (He would just make smaller pieces of wood and eat all the maple syrup!) Felix wouldn't trade it away for anything.
Pet- A male brown and sand colored turtle named Lil' Jackeh
Scars- He's got a couple on his arms and hands from unwanted military training and lumber incidents when he was young.
Height- 2" 7'


Attributes- Felix may live in the middle of no where but he doesn't have much of a problem talking to other cats. He loves joking around and has trouble focusing. Stealthy is his middle name and can try to be serious and determined if its really needed. He is used to just worrying about himself.
Likes- Fighting for a cause, sand surfing, and cactus juice ( XD )
Dislikes- The military, bandits, and killjoys.
Strengths- Finding things, close combat with his fists and axe, and creating medicines.

Crush- Cactus Juice<3
Spouse- Noooooo!
Kits- None
Family- No living family.
History-When he was a kit, he lived with his Mom, Dad, and many brothers and sisters in The Vaahtera Village chopping up logs and making some of the finest assorted syrups in the fall. Once he turned 6 moons his family was attacked by rogue bandits for their lumber and goods and wiped out his entire family except him. Felix was traumatized until the Pharaoh's military investigated and took him under their wing and trained him in fighting and basic medicine. Though it was useful information,he didn't like this at all, feeling like he was being controlled and brainwashed. Soon enough he realized the military was an organization filled with horrors. He ran away one night and has been on his own ever since.


Please, call me Ki or Cares! :3
Felix Tumblr_meziji7M4Z1rybvi0
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